IoT:The road Ahead

Internet of Things (IoT)

IOT is a network of devices that communicate among themselves using internet without human intervention.

It is going to play a crucial role in following sectors.

  1. Health care: one of the key areas where IOT can play a big role in solving people’s lives through timely and planned monitoring of their vital parameters. Most companies have their stand alone devices out in the market that do the job of connecting patients to the doctors through the internet.
  2. IoT enabled Home: It will redefined the way humans interact with their surroundings. A wrist band will monitor your sleep, the blankets will highlight movement bed will adjust itself based on posture, an opaque smart glass on your window will turn transparent to let sunshine stream into your room, a toothbrush that highlights dental hygiene. Step out of your room, into kitchen and you will find a steaming hot cup of coffee waiting for you. Your water heater is ready, your music system starts humming away .The entire building is smart and everything is automated.

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